Mike Beem

President, Senior Metrologist
Mike is responsible for the overall management and technical operations of Ad-Tek. His computer programming skills, business degree, 34 years of force calibration experience, and determination to do his best to meet the demands of Ad-Tek customers. His commitment to being a professional of the industry has made Ad-Tek what it is today.

Brittany Beem

Operations Manager

Brittany grew up in Ad-Tek and has done a little bit of everything within the company through the years. She used to shred papers and file paperwork as a kiddo after school. She graduated from Oregon State (Go Beavs!) with a business degree a few years back and has since worked in a few different industries and gained some real-world experience. She is back with us now as our Operations Manager, helping to keep things organized and running smoothly. 

Joann Younts


Joann has been in this industry for more than just a few years and loves that she has been able to get to know many of our wonderful customers. Her family is the most important thing to her so she is glad to be able to help out here at Ad-Tek (secret: this is Mike’s mom). In her free time, she enjoys being out in the warm Oregon sunshine and doing cool projects on her sewing machine.



Calibration Contracts/Scheduling

Bio coming soon. 


Sales Associate
Margaret is our problem-solving sales associate. She finds the equipment you need, pulls together the best possible solution and makes sure your equipment arrives on time. She has a background running small offices and keeping all the wheels turning whether she is in the office or doing volunteer work. In her free time, she loves home improvement projects, raising koi fish in her backyard oasis, and gardening (when Portland weather cooperates). She appreciates a challenge and prefers to be busy at the office or at home.


Sales Associate

Daisi is a mom to a 4year old little boy that she loves taking on adventures.  She loves camping, going to the beach, and hanging out with family as much as she can.  She has a 9 year old dog that is from Mexico.  She is a hard  worker and loves working through any problems that are brought her way.



Special Projects Manager

Stefanie came to Ad-Tek after closing her in-home daycare after 15 years and successfully running a school bond campaign with a huge victory for all students in our local district. She is an amazing multi-tasker, having experience not only in being a mom, business owner, wife, bur also running 3 non-profits in her “spare time”.  Stefanie has fallen in love with this industry, her co-workers and customers and we are trying to break her of her “overtime” habit. She also enjoys sci-fi movies & shows, reading (especially Stephen King), and baking/cooking.


Technical Manager

Linda comes to Ad-Tek with a myriad of background knowledge from committee work for the Oregon State Legislature to facilitating workflow for various establishments. She joins us now in our Document Control department and has a great sense of humor which keeps everybody in the office smiling. Her secret to success comes from her favorite TV show, I Dream of Jeannie: when the calibration certificates are not formatting to her standards, she simply closes her eyes, crosses her arms, and blinks!


Deputy Operations Manager

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HI!  My name is Jose. I’m the bookkeeper for Ad-Tek. I enjoy the outdoors, CrossFit, volleyball and kickball in the Summer!


Calibration Documents

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Shipping & Receiving / Office Assistant

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Charles is one of our most senior techs who has been with us for almost 8 years. Prior to Ad-Tek, he served 18 years in the Army and was stationed for a while in Germany and the Balkans. He also spent some time as a truck driver and had a cat names Abigail who went on the road with him as his companion – she kept him company, he shared his sandwiches with her. Charles also has six wonderful kiddos and enjoys hunting, camping, and cat memes.
Jonathan West


Before Jon joined us at Ad-Tek, he did electronic repairs at Fry’s Electronics, and before that he was a cinema technician, so you better believe he is great at repairs! As a cinema technician, he had the opportunity to see A LOT of free movies including some really bad movies – including Twilight at least eight times…not by choice. He also spent some time in the Job Corp doing electrical work while wildland firefighting and as a First Responder. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, gaming – The Witcher Series is his current favorite, and hanging with his dog Bear, and three kitties, Gimo, Batman, & Morty.
Christopher Meyer


Chris is a great asset to our Ad-Tek team! He brings with him a strong manufacturing background and a Machine Tool Technology Degree and a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Operators Certificate. Along with working with his hands and building things, Chris also enjoys action and comedy movies, his two adorable dogs, his homeland, Hawaii, and the mountains. You can also find him on the weekends working on cars and motorcycles.



Bio coming soon. 



Bio coming soon.



Bio coming soon.



Bio coming soon. 


Bio coming soon.